Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to Get more Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest, the social bookmarking site that allows users to collect share and display photos of their interest, is one of the fastest growing social networks online in current times. Despite being the third largest online network after Facebook and Twitter, a lot less is officially known about how to use the site to one’s advantage in comparison to its rivals.
Just as is the case with most social networks like Pinterest, success requires more than just using a “Pin it” button on your personal blog or photo albums online. While Pins help, one has to understand how vital it is to engage the audience and attract followers who would be pushed to not just admire your photos, but go ahead and actually pin it. In short, it is important to know how to get more pins.
Thankfully, there are a few tricks that one can use to ensure pins and repins happen more often on Pineterest. The first way is to always make sure that what you share is creative, eye catching and of high visual quality.  Let’s face it, Pineterest  is all about the visual- a good presentation is half the battle won in the race for those pins. Generating interest in the audience will lead to increase in the number of repins that the first few pins generate.
What also matters is not just what u pin, but how you pin it. The simplest answer to how to get more pins is to make sure that each of your photos tells a story.  A good description goes a long way in getting those much needed repins.  Creating interesting and arresting information graphics sometimes helps too. This both educates and entertains the audience, compelling them to share, in short repin.
Line every other medium, Pineterest demands that you study your target audience properly. Make sure who is it that you want to pin your photo up for. Understand what kind of people you would want to or you think would repin your post.
Then there is that ever reliable means of a contest. Run a contest with some giveaways, people on Pinterest absolutely love them. A simple modest contest too can lead to people eating out of your hands, with pins and repins flowing in.  In fact contests are one of the most common search items on Pinterest with many looking out for quick gratification.
Getting to crack the code of how to get pins is not that easy. At the same time, it is no rocket science either. While tricks above and a few more can help you answer how to get repins, the fact remains that the most important thing is to find your own voice and remain true to your own self. Users online smell out a fraud from miles away. Pin truthfully, artistically and with regularity to rule the Pinterest space with ease.
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